Recently, someone I love dearly posted this on Facebook:

OK friends, I have a small soapbox I need to get out!
A couple weeks ago I went to the doctor for a check up! a couple days later I get an email of the notes taken at the office. As I was reading thru it...blood pressure, good...heart beat, good...weight, ok, not going to say what it was but next to it was the word OBESE! WTH!?! Seriously, I am obese!? Oh this bummed me out and I couldn't stop thinking about it. A couple days later I finally emailed the doctor and told him about how disturbed I was to read that! I didn't see myself as obese but hey, maybe I am. I went on to tell him, I have struggled with being judged for my weight for as long as I can remember. I have dieted, diet pills (which almost did some serious damage) surgery, just to not have a label of FAT, OBESE...why?...because we are in a society that you are judged on the outside and so you cant get past that to know the person on the inside. I heard nothing from the doctor...a couple weeks later I went back for a follow up and he sat down with me and apologized for what I read, he said I was right that we shouldn't judged by numbers. It's everywhere! He then went on to say that he was going to change that in the charts. I saw a post of someone having the same issues and I started up again! I am 48 almost 49 years old and I still worry about my weight and how I am judged, having been out in the dating world it sucks that we all look and judge not knowing what that person has been thru to get where they are now! I am a bit guilty too! But I have also learned, that if you don't like me or give me a chance to know me then that is your loss! I will continue to be cautious of how I look, that will never change. I just wish that some people could see past that! I have raised my girls to be beautiful and I tell them every day. If I had a son I would teach them that beauty only lasts for so long but the soul of a woman is forever!
Ok, sorry it was long...but I have said it and I feel a bit better! I love you all for who you are and not for what you look like, who you hang with, where you live, what you do, etc. You are my friend because I know you!

It broke my heart. I responded by telling her that based on the "chart" at the gym, I'm obese and how much I love her for who she is as person, what's on the inside.

That's what is so messed up in our society. Everyone is quick to judge someone by how they look or dress or act. Not only are they quick to judge, they have no problem shaming people on social media.

I went on to tell her that if someone doesn't get to know her due to her looks, then it was that person's loss.

Unfortunately, until our society starts to change, this will always be an issue.

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