What's up Valley? Sarah J here, about to get real with you. I used to weigh about 260 pounds. I have always been a big girl and felt like I could figure it out myself, but I was so wrong. I needed to shock my system, to stop the cycle of overeating, emotional eating and carrying around guilt. And I can guarantee the guilt weighed WAY more than I realized ... have you seen what just five pounds looks like?

Townsquare Media Sarah J five pounds of fat
Townsquare Media Sarah J five pounds of fat

I have lost 54 pounds as of today! That is rounding the corner on 11 fat blobs! I stopped weighing myself every week back in March of this year and even tracking my food has fallen off. But I am still trying to get my steps in.....er, at least keep moving. It's all a balance and what I have learned is you need a support system. I actually created a private Facebook group called Get It Right Get It Tight because I HAD to keep myself accountable and I knew I was not alone.

It's all about calories in and calories out. Based on weight, body type, height and more you need to find the sweet spot, the number of calories you need to cut to start losing. Want to lose it faster? Pick up the pace and start putting in exercise while still maintaining the calorie deficit. Slow and steady is a real thing as well as making sure to track what you eat while taking a weekly picture. You will be FLOORED at the changes! :) This is a lifestyle change, not a fast fix -- so if you are ready to get it right so you can get it tight I encourage you to join me! :)

This was me before:

And this is me now :)

Find your support system (P.S. Michelle is one of the admins of #getitrightgetittight) Hope to have you join soon.

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