Can we go back to one at a time, Yakima? Before we even get done with Halloween it seems like everywhere you turn it's on to the next big holiday. It's been a common complaint I've had over the past 10 years, and it's mainly focused on retailers.

Even though some of us start our Christmas shopping early, we don't necessarily want to start celebrating Christmas early.

For example, last night my wife and I went to Dairy Queen to grab a quick after-dinner treat. We both looked up at the menu to see the Blizzard of the month, thinking it might be pumpkin pie or something that would be a good fit between now and Thanksgiving. Do you know what the Blizzard of the month is? Oreo Candy Cane!? Unbelievable that a candy cane is rearing its cute red and white stripes this early.

It's great to be prepared for the Holiday season and I understand that everyone is competing for their share of fourth-quarter sales, but I wish everyone in a position to influence this trend would realize how much more money I would spend on them if they would just wait.

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