Like a lot parents, I allow my kids to watch YouTube videos. We are very cautious as to which videos she’s allowed to watch. She’ll watch kids open plastic Easter eggs. I repeat; KIDS OPENING EGGS. That YouTube video has millions of views. There’s all sorts of videos & channels that she’ll watch where kids are doing tutorials on things. She wants her own channel. We’re not quite sure what kind of videos the channel would consist of, but she wants one. Check this video out... we hit the craft store over the weekend and purchased materials for her to do a project. She WELCOMES everybody to the video. This cracked me up. She’s either ready for her own YouTube channel or watch entirely too much YouTube.

Maybe we get her the YouTube channel and see what happens.  Who knows, maybe we’ll hit the YouTube viewership jackpot and she’ll make us millions of dollars like others have done.  She’ll be the next big YouTube star lol.

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