I've tried to raise my kids to speak out and stand up for those who don't have a voice or can't use it.

As a parent you hope that this will sink into their heads and that they will "get it."

So I was pleasantly surprised when my oldest son Mathew, 20, sent me an article from The Seattle Times that quoted him because he spoke in front of the Seattle City Council in regard to outrageous rent prices in Seattle.

He was home all weekend and never once mentioned any of this to me, but that's Mathew. Not one to brag about any of his achievements whether was making the dean's list every quarter at Yakima Valley College when he was a Running Start high school student, to making the president's list every semester at the University of Washington now.

Plus, he's a busy college kid holding down a job while taking a full load of classes at UW. He made time to go to Seattle's City Hall to speak about housing, which to him was important.

It makes me feel as though I did something right as a parent. Because let's be real ... parenting is difficult.

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