It's not exactly news that Gunner and I love to meet our listeners, especially when said listener stands a whole 3 feet tall and is 4 years old! Everyone, meet Ashlyn. She is a loyal listener to the morning show!

We learned so many great things about Ashlyn -- like how she is going into preschool, and her first day of school is Monday! When her mom asked her what she wanted to wear on her first day, her answer was simple: She wanted to wear an "I love you, man T-shirt."

Que the AAAWWWWWW's!

Well, now we know what her favorite segment is. So we asked her who her favorite country artist is and she quickly responded with "Cheyenne," which gave us a good laugh together! Once we explained that we wanted to know whose music she likes to listen to she got a big smile and said "Luke Bryan!"

Thank you, Ashlyn, for stopping by to spend some time with us!

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