For the past three weekends Yakima area Schools have been holding Prom's around the Valley. You remember your prom, saving all your money to take your girl out to dinner. Her parents most likely spent upwards of $200 to get her the dress she wants. You are doing your best to impress her, opening doors, acting like a gentleman for at least one night. Those were the days!

Now being a Country Radio DJ you've got to love some of the crazy ideas that come from great country songs. Brad Paisleys "Camouflage" there is a line in the song that says

I asked Jenny to the prom and her mom knew how to sew
So she made a matching tux and gown from Duck Blind Mossy Oak

Great line but it's just a song not real life...or if you are Tess McBride from Selah (In fact she is Miss Selah 2011) then it is your life. Tess and her date looked great, he even had a matching tie and the best part is they were not afraid to be themselves. I asked them to take a quick picture and will always remember the night that Brad Paisleys song lyrics came to life in Yakima.

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