I came across a new study that included a list of hobbies that have died out. The list includes model trains, quilting, scrapbooking, racquetball, and fixing up an old car.

I was super bummed to see the model trains thing.  I was REALLY into model trains back when I was a kid and into my teenage years.   I'd go to the model train shows and see all the cool set ups... I had a pretty sweet set up myself that my dad & I built together.  But as an adult, I've lost interest in that hobby.

So why are these hobbies dying out?  Michele & I discussed this a bit this morning on the show.  The only thing we could really come up with is that we have smart phones in our hands at all times and in our free time we are mindlessly scrolling social media.  Back in the day, we weren't doing that.  We had to find other ways to occupy our time and attention, thus the old school hobbies.

Why do you think these old school hobbies are dying out?  Drop me an email Gunner@929TheBull.com


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