People travel all over the world to catch the view of the Emerald City, fair and lovely Seattle. One very popular place tourists love to eat is Salty's Seafood on Alki Beach. It is known the world over for having some amazing views and recently, readers at Travel named Salty's one of the best restaurant views in the entire world! That is quite a feat! (14 Top Restaurants With A View, According to Our Readers -


Many fans on Salty's Seafood Facebook page like to share their own photographs of the breathtaking views from outside the restaurant. Salty's is open for dinner daily beginning at 5 p.m. but on Saturday and Sunday they used to open up early (10 a.m.) for the demanding weekend brunch crowd. Salty's doesn't serve brunch anymore but they do offer delicious breakfast options instead.

I have been to Salty's once and that was about a decade ago when a friend treated me to a Sunday brunch with her kids. I remember oohing and ahhing over the food, not the view of the Seattle skyline and Elliott Bay, home of the Port of Seattle. Whether you come here to eat or to take in the sights outside the restaurant windows, you will be very happy (and lucky) to dine at Salty's.

Fun Fact: The MTV cast of The Real World: Seattle stayed in the building at Pier 70 on Elliott Bay!

Other restaurants that were listed for having the best views in the world included The Strat in Las Vegas. I giggled at that suggestion but then I realized that they were talking about the restaurant where you have to dress up in order to go inside. You may have been there yourself, it's the Top of the World. The restaurant revolves around with views of the Vegas Strip, so that definitely does make it unique.

Salty's came in at #10 on the list. Check out their menu here.

TIP: If you order Salty's food to go they will charge you 8 cents per bag because of the new Washington state plastic bags law!

The next time you're in Chicago, you should check out The Signature Room, which also made the list of best restaurant views in the world.

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