We have a winner in the Cashmere Valley Bank 'Secret Sound' Contest as we wrap up 2020 giving away more cash! $225 goes to Jenna Leaverton of Yakima who correctly identified the most recent Secret Sound -- "Opening The Top of Lysol Wipes Cannister'.

Lysol Wipes and other items like them were in short supply in 2020 as a helpful tool in an effort to sanitize everything during the battle with Coronavirus.

Since Christmas Eve morning was the final day of the contest, we HAD to get a winner and so, when caller #9 didn't have the correct answer, we opened the phones and took calls until we finally had a correct guess. It even took a few 'clues-on-the-fly' to get things going but after 15 great efforts by cash-hungry callers - Jenna nailed it and won!

Jenna is now $225 richer just in time for the holidays and we're wishing her and everyone who played along during the fall phase of 'Secret Sound' a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year!

Even though all of our challenges from 2020 won't go away magically on New Year's Eve, we're setting our sights on an amazing 2021 and we'll be bringing The Cashmere Valley Bank 'Secret Sound' back in the Spring - bigger and better with more cash and winning!

Brian Stephenson

See if it now makes sense when you hear it: Opening The Top of Lysol Wipes Canister!

Brian Stephenson

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