Jon Pardi recently told People magazine that he is scared of brown recluse spiders.

Jon said, “Brown recluse spiders in your bed. That’s really scary. We found this huge brown recluse … I let everybody know they’re called ‘recluse’ because they like to hide in dark, cool places. … I’m studying these guys. I’m not getting bit by one. I’ve seen pictures of the bites and it’s not fun. Black flesh, skin grafts. That’s probably the most scary thing in my life right now.”

Thankfully, we don't have the brown recluse in our area, but we do have the black widow and yellow sac spider.

There are a few things in our area that scare me -- rattlesnakes and hobo spiders, because they chase you and mice. Yes, mice. I have no idea why I despise mice, but I can't handle them.

What creepy, crawly thing are you scared of?

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