If you're looking for gorgeous sights this spring, you've come to the right place. Washington is known for being the state where it always rains, but in the springtime, we get some beautiful weather that makes for the most beautiful scenery.

We put together a list of our favorite spots to go during the springtime and we think you'll love them too. From flowers to baseball and the ocean we know you'll find something to try this spring.

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5.) Tulip Festival in Mount Vernon Washington

From April 1st to the 30th Mount Vernon offers you a chance to enjoy the most beautiful flower fields in Washington. By February the Tulips begin to sprout and grow, by April 1st they are in full bloom leaving a sight too beautiful even for a postcard. Pack the family up and head to the westside to get this gorgeous view and some pictures of a lifetime.

For more information on tickets and dates follow the link HERE

4.) Go To a Mariners Game in Seattle

Grab a hotel or make a day trip to head to Seattle for America's favorite pastime. Even if the team isn't doing well you still can't pass up a good day at the ballpark. So many memories are ready to be made whether you're taking the family, going on a date, or just spending the day with friends. Grab yourself a mariners dog, garlic fries, and cold beer, and have the time of your life.

3.) Take a trip to Lake Chelan

Whether you grab a hotel or take a trip for the day Lake Chelan is absolutely gorgeous. There are plenty of restaurants to check out while you're there that will make you wanna come back for the food alone. You can enjoy your day out in the sun and maybe take a little dip on the lake, or grab a buddy and go fishing. Either way, there's so much to do here it's perfect for springtime.

2.) Head Out to Leavenworth 

The Bavarian town in Washington is a must-see city at least once in your life, with great beer, amazing food, adorable shops, and a whole lot more. They even offer hotel stays inside the small town perfect for a romantic getaway. The beautiful town also offers an array of gift shops from candy to Bavarian antics and decor.

1.) Take a drive to Ocean Shores

One of my favorite spots in Washington whether it's spring or summer is an absolute blast, Ocean Shores. They offer so much to do from go-karting to horseback riding and even surfing lessons. Even if it's cold and raining it's still a beautiful spot to go to and enjoy all the fun things around town. You can even find horseback riding, moped renting, and our favorite food.

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