For one young girl, the highlight of the first day of school was going to be taking her bright new Wonder Woman lunchbox to class.
But it didn't go that way. Instead, she was sent home with a note from school officials asking that she leave her prized lunchbox at home. School regulations, as it turns…
The answers have changed
I stumbled across this video the other day and I was dismayed that the very foundation of my childhood learning contained several misconceptions. I thought I knew it all, but apparently I was confused on the facts about several time-honored teachings in school.
Yup, it all adds up
The results are in from our recent least-favorite-subject-in-school poll. After carefully analyzing the votes, it was a 2-to-1 mandate that math was everyone's least favorite subject. I suppose it doesn't take a scholar to figure that out, but it was nice to have it backed up by your votes…
Test today! [POLL]
School's back in session, and if you have kids I'm sure you've been busy getting them ready for the new year. Now, let's take you back to your days in school and find out your least favorite subject?

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