When you are in a serious, long-term relationship and/or married, there are bound to be little things that drive you nuts or just make you mad. And here's one that I am sure you can probably relate to.

Your significant other is home all day, maybe has the day off or what have you. You have been working all day, come home and ... what do you know? Not a single dish has been done, not a single thing has been picked up but there's your S.O. -- on the couch watching TV.

So you ask: "Hey, babe, did you go to the gym today?"
Them: "No,"
You: "You run any errands today, or pay the bills?"
Them: "Uumm, no?"
You: "Did you take a nap today?"
Them: "Yeah."

So you politely say, "You found time to take a nap today but couldn't find the time to help clean up the house?" And it dawns on them they did not in any way, shape or form think to do this today.

There is no way I am the only person this happens to. How do you handle these situations?

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