The Seven Wonders around the world could cost you an arm and a leg to go see, granted gas prices are outrageous but it'll be much easier to see the seven wonders of Washington.

Washington has so much to offer in views, architecture, and rich history, so find yourself in Washington while getting lost in all of its beauty. Here's a list of the Seven wonders all around Washington State.

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7.) Mt. St Helens

Known for its eruption in the 80s that rocked a lot of Washington state, destroying everything in its wake with volcanic ash and pure pressure from the blast. Today it's a safe and fun tourist spot that allows you to hike the mountain itself, and see the museum from the original blast. Not only is it an amazing learning experience for kids but it's a gorgeous view for all to get to see.

6.) Yakima River

The Yakima River is gorgeous to look at but even more, fun to float, fish, or spend the day at. Your family and friends will remember the adventure and the fun to be had for years to come. With its beautiful scenery and gorgeous water, it's easy to spend an entire day at the river.

5.) Seattle Colombia Tower

One of the largest buildings in all of Seattle the views from the top of the building is one that lets you take in the views of all of Seattle. They even have a Restaurant and bar in the building that will allow you to spend your dinner looking out over the emerald city.

4.) The San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands is a huge must-see if you live in Washington, spend the day Whale Watching, take part in local cuisine, and see beautiful views of the pacific ocean. With ferry rides around the island, private boats, and fishing you'll never forget. The San Juan Island earns its number 4 spot bringing you the ultimate Washington experience.

3.) Tacoma Museum of Glass

The largest glass museum in all of Washington can be seen from the port of Tacoma itself or even I-5. The museum itself is made entirely of a glass structure. With a glass bridge with gorgeous glass art above and below. Inside you'll see some of the most extravagant glass-blown art in all of the world and Washington.

2.) Seattle Space Needle

The Space Needle was built in 1961 for the World's Fair and is even featured in the movie, It Happened At The World Fair starring Elvis Presley. Permenantly taking its place in the Seattle Skyline it's one of the most synonymous buildings in Washington state and one you can visit. With a ticket, you can ride to the top of the space needle and see the beautiful views of Seattle itself ina. 360 format. As well as a gorgeous Restaurant at the top for you to enjoy some of the greatest food they have to offer.

1.) Mt. Rainer National Park

One of the most gorgeous sights can be seen from almost every part of Washington on a daily basis. It's become synonymous with the PNW and even used to describe how beautiful it is with the phrase "The Mountains Out" but you can experience Mt. Rainer in all its glory by visiting the national park, with beautiful scenery, and postcard-like pictures at every corner. You can even hike up the mountain as long as you have the right equipment and see the PNW from the summit.

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