It's National Cheese Day! The day we celebrate our love of cheese! We all have a favorite cheese dish, Mac and Cheese, Cheeseburgers & of course grilled cheese!

Wanna make a great grilled cheese sandwich? I got you!

Traditional Yellow Cheddar Cheese

I make best grilled cheese, because, I said so. I go HAM on that sammich! This includes a secret ingredient you can usually only find at movie theaters! Give my recipe a shot to make the best grilled cheese!

Here's what you will need:

Sourdough Bread (makes the best grilled cheese)

Sharp Cheddar Cheese (or your favorite, although the sharp cheddar pairs with sourdough well)

Garlic Power ONLY (Garlic Salt will only add more sodium)

Any type of Basil Seasoning


A dab of Coconut Oil (secret ingredient is usually made to make movie popcorn so delicious!! Shhhhhh, let's keep this to ourselves shall we?)

Feeling adventurous? Add some bacon   ; )

Ok, let's Sammich!

California Poised To Surpass Wisconsin As Top U.S. Cheese Producer
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Fire up the pan on Medium high heat. Place butter on the bread on both sides of bread

Place a small spoon of coconut oil in the pan. This adds another layer of taste.

Add cheese, then sprinkle garlic powder and basil on the cheddar cheese.

Add some basil paste for an extra kick of "genasaqua", (that's a little French lingo for yummy)

Garnish with some grape tomatoes or soup on a chilly day.

Bon Appetite! (More French lingo for "Good Appetite!")




All My Best,


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