Coming home to find that someone who you do not know has been in your house can be a very scary and nerve-wracking experience. The feelings and emotions are overwhelming, and the sense of being violated is intense. But what about if nothing was taken? Instead, your house was just cleaned up?

That is exactly what happened to a man in Massachusetts. He came home to find his back door open, but when he walked in he could smell the freshness of cleaning products and could see the organization and decorative origami toilet paper! Yes, those who were unwanted in his home had cleaned it!

According to NBC News, the homeowner said "he believes someone working for a house-cleaning service may have confused his home for another. He said his alarm did not go off because he forgot to turn it on. He also thinks he forgot to lock his back door that day."

You can check out the full article and the picture of the toilet paper here!! 

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