Let’s go back to 2019 for a moment. Why? Do I really have to ask??

One of the best things about 2019? That it wasn’t 2020.

It’s interesting to see what the trends from year to year. When we look at 2019, it's interesting to see what we were searching on the web. What was “The Most Searched Items Pre-pandemic” here in the State of Washington?

Washington State Capitol Building

The most searched internet items then was “homemade bread”. You may remember last year, the nationwide trend of making homemade bread was on the rise (pun unintended).

Hey, why not? We love ourselves some bread. But, that was sooooooo last year.

Rhubarb Banana Bread Batter in the pan

Now we fast forward to 2020 – in case you haven’t noticed, some things have changed. Some good, some not so good. So after nearly six-months of pandemic, riots, fires, and now hurricanes, in 2020 the top internet search in The State of Washington is…

…“How To Roll Sushi”.

Chef preparing sushi

Post-pandemic it is now about the “raw bait”. Either way, looks like my fellow Washingtonians have food on our minds.

Now, full disclosure – I am not a fan of seafood. I know, I am weird. Just never got a taste for it. That means more for ya’ll.

In fact, I have never tried sushi. I can’t get passed the rawness of it. In fact, I have be en known to order Cheese Burgers when at a Sushi place when I find myself there.

But it seems like our fellow Washingtonians love their sushi. I want to blame Seattle for this, cause, it’s easy. There may be some truth to it. I know many Yakimans love themselves some Sushi. You may even be part of those searches for it in 2020.

Now I am not going to predict the top search in 2021. What I will predict the top Internet search for Yakima will be, "How far away is the nearest Dairy Queen?" - just sayin', cause, yum...

Dairy Queen Payment Systems Breached By Hackers
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