I don't know about you guys but I am a creature of habit, I grew up with a grandmother who rearranged and redecorated her living room with every change of the season. My mom has also done this very same thing, so I have also created the habit of rearranging the house every now and again so it's not the same thing season after season.

The issue now? I have a small open concept house, with the sectional couch, and my TV is mounted on a very specific spot and there is really no place to put things other than where there are. Another issue I have is that my dog still has to be created during the day so I have this massive wire create in my living room which is extremely unappealing.

I read an article from housebeautiful.com that if a room is small you can play on that because it will give the space a genuine cozy feel (mama loves cozy), they also said to use plush rugs to help with the small space. But, I have our dog- Emmy Lou, and she sheds as if fur went out of style yesterday and small kids that haven't learned what no drinks in the living room means yet. So really, a rug is probably not our best option here.

What did you do to make the most out of your smaller spaces?

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