After being a mom for eight years and a mom of two for a few years now, I definitely have an opinion about what I dislike the most during the toddler phase. I think one of the worst parts is not being able to communicate and having to try to figure out what is bothering them.

Easton, my 2-year-old, has been pointing to his tummy a lot lately saying that it hurts. But because he isn't fluent in any language yet that is all he could tell me. I might have figured it out, though, because he has a lot of trouble using the restroom and some other things -- but I am pretty sure he is lactose intolerant! Which sucks because he LOVES cheese and milk, and I would feel horrible if I had to take it away.

So where are all my lactose-intolerant people? What do you do to substitute cheese and milk? These are practically staples in our house and we use them all the time.

Help me ...