I have noticed that as the days get a little shorter and a lot colder, I have really been lacking in the motivation to cook extravagant complete meals department. So, last night I once again realized ... I would really rather not.

Now It may have been for the fact that it was very gloomy or it could have been that I was only making dinner for myself as Jordan was very sick, but nonetheless I wasn't having it. So when I opened the pantry, I stared -- for a good couple of minutes -- and finally settled on a sandwich with mac 'n' cheese. Simple, easy.. and there wouldn't really be a mess to clean up by the time I was done. So it was a win-win all around. As a working mom, there is always something going on, someone who needs to be taken care of, or my personal least favorite, something that needs to be cleaned or washed.

Normally, if I feel this way earlier in the day our go-to is a yummy Papa Murphy's pizza. Especially in the winter, because it's hot and the stove helps heat up the house. So again, another win-win. For my co-host Gunner, his family's go-to meal is chicken strips.

This whole situation last night got me thinking, what are other busy moms and dads cooking when they really don't feel like cooking? What are your go-to meals when life gets a little crazy and the family is hungry?

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