I haven't boiled an egg in YEARS.  I was forced to recently when Costco ran out of their pre-packaged hard boiled eggs.  Those things are so convenient and somewhat healthy.  So I got in the routine of eating them.  Well, since I wasn't able to buy any, I bought a pack of regular eggs... boiled, cracked & packaged them myself.  I HATED doing this... A. It's work.  B. The house stunk to poop.   I'll definitely buy the pre-packaged eggs again when they're available.

In order to boil the eggs, I had to look up a recipe.  Like I said, I hadn't boiled eggs in years.  So is this the best way to do it?

-Put eggs in a sauce pan with water level 1-2 inches above eggs.

-Bring to a rolling boil.

-Reduce heat & cover for 10-12 minutes.

-Use a strainer spoon and put all eggs in a bowl of ice water.

-Crack & peel under cold water.

-Boom. A hard boiled egg.

Is this really the best way?  From what I can tell, the eggs came out alright.  Is there a way to do it minus the smell? lol


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