I know it isn't just our family who has been hit with the sick bug multiple this year, this round with Easton was so bad I had to bring him in our room.

Now, as a lot of you know I still have a monitor in my kids' room because I like to be able to keep an eye on them, and Easton has really bad nightmares so again, I like to be able to know when he is having a bad night. But, this bug that got Easton down was not an easy one to get rid of.

Between the wheezing, the coughing, fever, and diaphragm breathing I really thought we were going to be headed to the hospital.  So, of course, being the hovering parent that I am I brought in his pack n play and set up shop in our bedroom so I could keep a sharp eye on him. Now, could I get out of bed without crawling to the end? No, and could I get ready like I normally do and turn on the bedside lamp? No, but what I could do is ensure that our son was being watched over all night long and ensuring his care was my top priority.

Our kids may not understand what we do for them today... but one day when they have kids of their own and they are arranging things to keep them safe-- they will think of us and appreciate us. Well-- at least that us what I am hoping for!

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