We all know that concerts, movies, and other large public gatherings are going to change.  The question is how will this look and work? 

You may remember the "concert suits" we featured recently as a ridiculous solution.

Townsquare Media / Michele Mathews
Townsquare Media / Michele Mathews

Here's one that may be more realistic, but none-the-less, still far from ideal.

The music industry is hoping to get concerts up and running soon and one of the latest ideas is having fans walk through a DISINFECTANT MIST on their way into the venue. Yep, just like the misters at theme parks - only these will disinfect you - head to toe.  

Temperature-taking and masks could also be part of the new normal. 

To be clear, you are fully clothed when going through the disinfectant mist. That presents its own problems. Would you go through this before going through the gates @ The Gorge?


Keen to enter a venue by being dampened with disinfectant spray? https://tonedeaf.thebrag.com/punters-future-concerts-disinfectant-mist-stations/ … 


Having your temperature taken and wearing a mask are simple enough,

 But I have a feeling a lot more people are going to balk at walking through some mysterious, medicinal "mist".  Would you be okay with that?  Even if they told you what was supposedly in it? 

What is in this this mist? Does it stain clothes? Here’s one for the ladies – what does it do to your hair and make up?!? Is this safe for kids? Is it harmful to inhale? Discuss. 

Lots of questions. Anyone have a better solution?


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