It's always revealing, if not profoundly interesting, to measure the sentiment of the radio audience about a wide variety of topics. We, of course, love our listeners and feel they've already shown a great deal of exquisite taste and common sense because, well, they're our listeners and/or readers!

So, we're always interested in what they, YOU, have to say. Today we reached out with a bit of a hypothetical question. This question isn't a matter of life or death nor is it even anything any of us would truly have to decide on. However, it does create an opportunity for us to see how one another is feeling about things in general, and in this case specifically, about 4 enormously successful national brands. The success of each of these well-known companies, one may assume, is evidence of wide-spread loyalty and good feelings. We found out, however, that's not necessarily true.

Here's our very unscientific analysis of how the Yakima Valley feels:

We asked our Facebook Friends:


As of this writing, there are over 6,200 people who were reached with this question, over 1,250 engagements, 165 comments, and over 20 shares. The overwhelming 'loser' for lack of a more delicate terminology? STARBUCKS. It was almost like an anti-Starbucks rally had caught wind of my post and ganged up! One Seattle Supersonic Fan with a good memory told me today that he hasn't had a Starbucks product since Mr. Schultz moved the team in the middle of the night to Oklahoma. I'm pretty sure he wasn't kidding either. Many, if not most, said they preferred local coffee companies. Still, this begs the question: if so many people turn their nose up at Starbucks, why is there one seemingly every two blocks around the world? That's where science would come in handy if we had the time and inclination to study this further.

While others chose to cut ties with one of the other three choices and let us keep in mind that we don't even have a Chick-fil-A in Yakima to wish away, many in our informal poll said they would be happy to say goodbye to all four!

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