There is a school in Utah that is in some HOT water. It stems from about a dozen kids whose lunches were taken away.

The kids were given lunches and once the school realized that the kids had negative lunch balances they were taken from the kids.

Instead of their regular lunches the kids were given milk and fruit.

One of the parents of a 5th grader whose lunch was taken away said that a school official took her lunch and told her that, "You don't have any money in your account, so you can't get lunch."

The parent said that there were a lot of tears and it was pretty upsetting to them.

The school district said they notified the parents about the negative lunch balances on Monday, but most of the parents say they were not aware of the problem.

Parents are upset that even if the school did try to notify them that they didn't need to yank the lunches out of the kids hands.

School officials do admit that they made a mistake.

The school says that they could have handled the situation in a different manner and that they apologize. Officials are investigating whether guidelines were followed.

You can check out the schools Facebook page -

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