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Fox’s ‘Lucifer’ is a Forbidden Pleasure
Watching a show about the devil is taboo for some people, but don't let that keep you from watching "Lucifer" on Fox.
There are only a handful of TV shows that I watch religiously due to my crazy, busy schedule, but I stumbled upon "Lucifer," starring the Brit…
Baffled Bird Won’t Stop Flying Into Window [VIDEO]
Yesterday, when I was at home during lunch. I heard this thump. Then I heard it again ... thump.
I walked into the living room where the thumping was radiating from to see a bird hitting the window. Now, normally a bird would hit the window once and fly away.
Kids Publish Their Own Books In This Classroom
I've always known that my little Shaylee's fourth-grade, teacher Mrs. Downs, was an awesome teacher. But she just proved how truly special she is ...
Shaylee and her classmates have been working on writing books, complete with illustrations.
Shaylee came home from school the other day holdin…
Who’s the Real Star of ‘Walking Dead’? [POLL]
Rik and I are both "Walking Dead" fans and always enjoy chatting with each other about the last night's episode.
Being the comic book geek that he is, Rik has even read the "Walking Dead" comic books. I have not.
We started chatting about the prior night's…

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