I assume YOU lie to your dentist about how you take care of your teeth . . . because EVERYONE does.

But there's a new toothbrush about to hit the market that wants to RAT YOU OUT to your dentist.  For your own good, of course.

The Beam toothbrush monitors your brushing habits, then wirelessly sends the data to your smart phone.  Then you . . . or your dentist . . . can see a complete log of your EXACT brushing habits.

The Beam app also tries its hardest to turn tooth brushing into a game.  You can earn awards for things like brushing twice a day for two straight weeks, or brushing for two hours total in a month.

The toothbrush will be available next month for $50.  And yes, that's anywhere from ten to 50 times more than you probably paid for your current toothbrush.  If you preorder it now, it's $35.  The Beam has adult and child versions.

beam tooth brush
beam tooth brush