A new study of adults with general anxiety disorder is out -- and it's giving me anxiety just thinking about the results.

Researchers at Penn State studied 29 adults with general anxiety disorder, asking them to keep a diary for 10 days and note all the things they were worried about. The results? Only 8.6% of the things they worried about ACTUALLY happened. That is less than 1 out of 10. So 91.4% of the things they worried about never happened.

Why is it giving me anxiety to think about it? Well, I have a general anxiety disorder and now I have anxiety thinking about all the things I am worried about that I shouldn't be worrying about because chances are I am worrying for no reason! But what if I chose not to worry about something that I really should have worried about when I was focused on not worrying?

See? This is why I worry all the time.

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