Communication and harmony are generally considered keys to a strong marriage. But sometimes, work or end-of-the-day exhaustion can put a damper on a once-sizzling relationship.

It gets easier to watch other people's lives on TV than to face your own.

That's what might be going on with this week's Couples Court case ...

Dear Rik and Michele:

Either my wife and I are in a rut or she's flat-out sick of me, because it seems like the only time we spend together is when we're watching TV.

I get home about 6 every night, and she's already watching the news. Then it's reruns of sitcoms, followed by whatever's best in prime time or Netflix. We just don't ever seem to talk much.

I say we should have date nights -- or at least do SOMETHING other than watch TV every evening. But she says she's done with conversation by the end of day and just wants to veg out.

Who's right? Is this healthy?


Stay tuned -- this one could go either way. What do you think, Bull Pen jurors?

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