Puberty might be as hard on parents as it is on the adolescents who are going through it.

But as awkward and embarrassing as it can be, it's also a time when a parent's advice and understanding is crucial.

Which brings us to this week's Couples Court case ...

Dear Rik and Michele:

I am concerned my son is "oversharing." He's going through puberty and has been oversharing personal details with me. I'd like my husband to step up and have a conversation with our son, but he's reluctant. I think there are some things that should kept between a father and a son, not mom and son --- can you help us?


Oh, boy. Delicate one -- having "the talk" is difficult for parents AND kids. Especially when if it's all coming out in open court!

What do you think, Bull Pen jurors? Does Dad need to step up here?

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