This week's Couples Court is a grim one. It might be an example of being quiet and bottling up your frustrations until the resentment is difficult to let go.

Take a look at our plaintiff's complaint and see what you think, Bull Pen jurors  ...

Dear Morning Bull Pen:

Unless anyone has a better suggestion, I think I want a divorce from my wife because she's driving me out of my mind.

She spends money left and right on herself -- even though she's been out of work for months. Shoes, clothes, stuff for the kitchen (even though she rarely cooks) and toys, leashes and little sweaters for her irritating cat. But I can't remember her ever buying me a thing.

I think she's selfish, thoughtless and lazy. I can't believe I didn't see who she really was until now.

Thank God we have no kids. Is she making some kind of appeal for help, or should I just go ahead and leave?


Is it really time to leave -- or it it time for a serious talk? We'll see how the court rules in a few minutes ...


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