Nobody would dispute that male-female friendships can be complicated. Even platonic friendships, where no expectations of romance exist.
But when there's a third person involved -- especially one who has some expectations of romance -- things can get really sticky.
This week's Couples Court is a great example ...

Dear Morning Bull Pen:
I started dating Stella several weeks ago. On Sunday, she told me that she is getting a male roommate. She said she gets along better with men than women.
I told her I felt uneasy about the living arrangement. Our discussion then turned into an argument after she told me that the guy is someone she briefly dated, but later discovered she is better off with as just friends.
Stella says I have no reason to be jealous or mad. I disagree and don't believe men and women can be just friends and platonic when living together.
What do you think? Stay in the relationship or run?
See what we mean?
Good thing we can leave a tangle like up to Judge Michele. But meantime, jurors, talk it over among yourselves ...

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