Bringing kids from previous relationships into a blended family can be a challenge. But it can also be difficult if the "kids" are pets.

In this case, the pet is a dog that's used to having his "mom" all to himself and to taking his place right in the middle of the bed each night.

That last part is the sticking point in this week's Couples Court case ...

Dear Rik and Michele:

My girlfriend and I are about to move in together. But she has a very possessive dog that always sleeps between us. We had an argument Sunday about whether the dog should be allowed to sleep in our bed.

We have already agreed we are not placing a TV in the bedroom because it will be a distraction and take away from "our time." I feel the same way about the dog being in bed. She does not and considers him a part of the family.

Should the dog be allowed to sleep in our bed once we move in together? Aren't the dog and TV equal distractions?

What do you say, Bull Pen jurors? Should the boyfriend raise his hackles and stand his ground? Or should he roll over and let a sleeping dog lie?

Have your arguments ready first thing Thursday morning when Judge Michele Mathews bangs her gavel!


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