Breakfast cereal is that all-american go-to quick fix. Kids might eat it for breakfast but I know plenty of grown-ups who use cereal as an afternoon or late-night snack as well. If you need a quick pick-me-up, Dunkin has you covered with two new breakfast cereals that even had a hint of caffeine in them. Each serving of this cereal has the caffeine of one-tenth of a cup of coffee.

Mocha Latte and Caramel Macchiato cereals are hitting store shelves in August but I was able to get a couple of boxes in advance from Post to check these out.

Both cereals are flavored puffs and both have marshmallows that look like they've been toasted. Both are fantastic. And, best of all, the milk when you're done is like a smooth, rich coffee drink. I did a quick video showing everything needed for the cereal. Next time you're out cereal shopping next month, be on the lookout for these.

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