For most people, when they think of areas of the United States where people are more comfortable being in the buff, thoughts of Florida (because it’s warm) or California because of all the beaches, and the Hollywood beautiful person lifestyles, or even Nevada, because of the HEAT and of course, SIN CITY! But would you expect Washington to be on top of the U.S. when it comes to being without bottoms?

Before you think this research was done with “little devil on the shoulder” type of intentions, just know that it wasn’t, and in fact, it was for a perfectly innocent and positive reason… body confidence.

The survey by Bespoke Surgical looked at how comfortable the average American is with their body, and of course, being naked is one of the more prominent topics when it comes to body confidence. They surveyed over 3,000 people from all across the United States, with questions dealing with sending nudes, being naked around pets, skinny dipping, and of course, sexual questions were included in the survey.

When the results were compared, a majority of the country was right in the middle. On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being not comfortable at all and 10 being like Will Ferrell’s character in Old School), no one state had a rating higher than 5.8.

That state… Washington! Yup, like I said, we’re on top when it comes to being without bottoms! Now, Bespoke Surgical did disclose that states like Arkansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont, & Wyoming were not included because of insufficient survey reports.

So if Washington is the state most comfortable being “au natural”, which state can’t stand to be uncovered? According to the surveys, that honor goes to Oregon and Indiana.

The survey goes on to break down which demographic group is the most confident in the buff, which situations we are most confident in, how we feel about nudity in general, and the source of body confidence… or shame!

Check out Bespoke Surgical for the full breakdown and results of their survey!

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