A couple of weeks back, my kids and I rescued a dog from Highway 12 as I was driving the kids home from school.

When we took the dog to the Yakima Humane Society they scanned him for a microchip. Fortunately, he had one -- he had actually been adopted from the Humane Society and his name in the system was Axel. He was black with white markings. He was a big lover!

A few weeks later I noticed a dog up for adoption named Axel that was black with white markings. I thought it was the dog we had found. It broke my heart and I wanted to help find him his forever home.

But it seems that the Axel I saw was in fact a different dog that animal control had picked up. Happily, the dog we returned -- who is named Toby -- was picked up by his owners!

I also learned in this process that the Yakima Humane Society doesn't euthanize dogs. This brought so much joy to my heart!

My family has adopted a kitten from the Yakima Humane Society and we've always been big supporters of the organization. Shaylee, my animal-loving daughter, asked for dog and cat food for her birthday one year instead of presents. We dropped off a trunk full of food to the Yakima Humane Society.

Oh, and Axel, who looked like the dog we found, was transferred to a shelter in Spokane to find his forever home.

Adopt, don't shop!

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