You know what they say, once a Seattle Seahawks Fan, ALWAYS a Seattle Seahawks Fan, right? Well, not so fast. Under certain circumstances, even the most ardent members of the 12's could find themselves in a, 'compromising position' and instead flock together with birds of a feather.

Could this be the case with a couple of very good friends of the Yakima Valley? Two devoted Seahawks fans who've flown south for warmer temperatures and hotter microphones? 92.9 The BULL's former Morning Team of Gunner & Cheyenne, are now sporting red coats and have joined the 'Birdgang'? Say it ain't so!

Courtesy Gunner & Cheyenne / KMLE Country

In Phoenix, Arizona since December of last year, Gunner & Cheyenne have been waking Phonecians up each morning on KMLE Country 107.9 FM. They're both native to the Pacific Northwest, Cheyenne having grown up right here in the Yakima Valley. So, it has likely been a challenge for them to embrace the 'hometown team' now in AZ.

Courtesy Gunner & Cheyenne / KMLE Country

We'll find out for sure Thursday morning on 'The JimShow', as Jim and I will have a chat with those two tanned twelves, and see what camp they've found themselves in. Are they still devoted to Russell Wilson or do they get weak in the knees for Kyler Murray?

JimShow, who's a transplant from California, came on board here after a long search to replace our former dynamic duo back in March. He and I have wagered on the Seahawks versus his 49ers this season and when he lost, I made him share the studio the next morning with a scorpion. Jim hates scorpions. I don't think we'll be betting on the rematch.

However, we're teaming up on this one - and we'll see if we can wager a case of amazing Bale Breaker (if the Hawks lose) for some White Russian Imperial Stout 
Sun Up Brewing Co. (if the Cardinals lose). I'm puckering up for something dark.

Townsquare Media / John Taylor

Listen Thursday morning at 6:35 and 8:35 for our showdown convo. Should be fun. We'll follow-up with results Friday morning and recap the game. Jim and I will be planning our victory dinner menu. A nice ribeye goes well with Imperial Stout. Go Hawks!

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