Burger King is offering a Lucky Charms shake. This should be the greatest news of all time, but no leprechaun would ever allow such a monstrosity to visit your taste buds.

Soon as I heard that Burger King had a Lucky Charms to go with their Froot Loops milkshake, I knew I had to try it.

Unfortunately, I was severely disappointed.

The shake was made with soft serve, a few scoops of Lucky Charms clusters (they stay crunchy in the shake) and a few extra flavorings; I think they were marshmallow and something else. It was that "something else" that didn't sell it for me. It was something to simulate the "oats" flavoring of Lucky Charms. Maybe it was a smoke flavor or something, it's hard to pinpoint, but if it wasn't for that, it wouldn't have been that bad.

I give massive props to Burger King for providing something as novel as an idea of a Lucky Charms shake, but I'd pass on this one. I'm still hoping we may see a Cinnamon Toast Crunch shake or maybe a Fruity Pebbles shake. We'll see.

In the meantime, this should be tossed in the pot, and not the one filled with gold but the pot you'd find next to the sink and the bathtub.

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