Michele and I read a story this morning about a lady in Florida went to the ER last month when a ROACH crawled into her ear. And it took nine days and three doctors to finally get all of the roach parts out of her ear canal. This gal says she now sleeps with ear plugs... I don't blame her!

This got us talking about what we as kids, or our own kids, have shoved in their ears or nose. Michele's daughter had a small piece of pea gravel in her ear for a while... the doctor removed it and they still have that piece of gravel in a jar.

When I was 11 or 12, I shoved a BEAN in my ear. I was scared to death that I couldn't get it out, and even more terrified to tell my parents. Well I continued to take baths... and the bean continued to grow. Finally, it started to hurt, so I cracked down and told my mom. We went to the doctor and he pulled out the bean WITH ROOTS!! The roots were only 1/4" long, but still!

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